Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama inaugurated 44th President of the United States

President-elect took the oath of office today becoming the 44th President of the United States.

He had a bit of slip during the oath that was administered by Chief Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts Jr., but otherwise the transition of power went smoothly.

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Jan 20, 2009

U.S. President George W. Bush greets U.S. President-elect Barack Obama (L) on the North Portico of the White House in Washington, January 20, 2009. First lady Laura Bush is second from left, and Michelle Obama is at right. REUTERS/Larry Downing


Obama Is Sworn In as the 44th President
New York Times, United States - 5 hours ago
President Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States during a ceremony at the Capitol by Chief Justice John Roberts. ...
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bar paris said...

Big day for america, I hope Obama will change the world !

Free Palestian From Nazzi Israeli Terror said...

My name is khalid and im an american palestinian.When barack obama become president elect i was in tears for the change we made...so happy and excited that the man i welcomed in my home night after night on television was going to be our next president,and above all i was happy that a man whos ancesters were violated in more ways than one was going to be our next president....I WAS THRILLED THAT I WAS GOING TO BE A PART OF HISTORY IN THE MAKING.....I believed every word he said,and in my opinion i believed he was the man who not only was going to change washington,but also restore our respect worldwide and change the bias and deadly allinces against humanity some of the prior administrations like the bushes administration had created......When the zionist terrorist regime of israel started its murder spree on the concentration camp of gaza in december,i soon found out that barack obama was no different than george bush when it comes to palestinians...full of hatred...I started to question why barack obama had not said anything about the genocide in gaza,and thats when i started to uncover the truth behind his silence...The reality of the gaza genocide was the bushs administrations parting farwell gesture and final stab in the heart to the palestinians as he handed over a corrupte washington to barack obama who is just as corrupte and bias as he is in regards to the palestinians...barack obamas silence triggered me to do some homework on him and thats when the harsh reality started to unfold...In july barack obama toured israel and supported an israeli attack on palestinians...In a news conference about a week ago,obama responded to a question about gaza and expressed his support of the zionist terrorists and their attack on the concentration camp we know as gaza...Im going to quote obama word for word"if somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two dauters sleep at night,im gonna do everything in my power to stop that and i would expect israelis to do the same thing".......Notice the bias in his remarks,he never aknowledges the fact that half of the murdered in gaza where infants,children and their mothers and entire familys asweel who are being murdered,all who are innocent civilians guilty of only not being able to defend thereselfs...The question i have for barack obama is whom invade whom...whom stole land from whom...and why dont palestinians have the right to fight for their freedom and stolen land from illegal occupiers,PALESTINIANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE FREE BY DEFAULT AND NOT WHEN AND WHERE CHOOSEN BY ZIONISTS...are you suggesting that if canada invaded our country of the United States of America that we should do nothing and live by their dictatorship,and if not,then how do you explain your double standerds when it comes to the illegal occupation of palestine by zionist nazi terrorist israel...I would expect that kind of bias and continued one sided support of israel and our deadly allince from others,however i find it dispicable and disgusting that a man whos ancesters were violated and treaten unfairly and subjected to slavery and poverty by force be a suppoter of the barbaric murder of mankind....SHAME ON YOU BARACK OBAMA....SHAME ON YOU FOR THE WINK-WINK AND THE GREEN LIGHT TO ISRAEL TO CONDUCT MASS MURDER ON THE CONCENTRATION CAMP OF GAZA....SHAME ON YOU,A BLACK MAN WHOS RACE IS STILL SUBJECTED TO CRUELTY AND RACISM....SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR DEADLY ALLINCE AGAINST HUMANITY....SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF A TERRORIST REGIME THAT HAS CONTINUESLY VIOLATED INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAWS AS LAID DOWN IN THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS...SHAME ON YOU...SHAME ON YOU...SHAME ON YOU...SHAME ON YOU FOR BEING SILENCED BY ZIONIST TERRORISTS..........

Loan Modification said...

I challenge the new administration to do something on the global financial crisis as well as all ignited war to end.

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