Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama discovers hieroglyphic likeness

President Barack Obama toured the Great Pyramids of Giza together with adviser David Axelrod following his speech in Cairo today. The tour guide led them to a hieroglyphic symbol of a man's head with protruding ears that looked very much like the president.

Image courtesy of CNBC.

The hieroglyphic sign is actually that for the Egyptian word meaning "face" and thus might be considered what Ancient Egyptians considered a typical type of facial countenance.

Here is the sign in full color:

Wide front-facing ears are not unusual in ancient Egyptian art and one of the earliest kings, known as Narmer, was also portrayed with such earlobes.


Baltimoron said...

Zahi Hawass disagrees with the Egyptians were Africans meme.

Aguitta said...

Check this out, its not just spam.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Egyptian vendors, and not dingbat Zahi Hawass!

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