Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Obama on the Issues

Obama on Foreign Policy Issues

  • Immediate pullout from Iraq on taking office, one to two brigades a month. Opposed war from start.
  • No permanent bases in Iraq but embassy presence and unspecified number of residual troops.
  • Focus on Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan in combating terror.
  • Opposed legislation labeling Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, a move he viewed as a possibly prelude to military action. Believes diplomacy and economic sanctions are needed to address Iranian nuclear program. Has not ruled out military action.
  • Supports Israel but has problems with that country's policy.
  • Considers China a "competitor."
  • Supports 6-way talks in North Korea.

Obama on Free Trade Issues

  • Voted yes on Peru and Oman free trade pacts, but no on Central American pact.
  • Supports reform of NAFTA.
  • Insists on labor and human rights standards in China trade.
  • Wants to reinvest in communities hit by outsourcing. Discourages outsourcing.

Obama on Immigration Issues

  • Wants better patrolling of borders
  • Supports welfare and Medicaid for immigrants.
  • Wants undocumented immigrants to have opportunity to earn citizenship.
  • Supports a guest worker program.

Obama on Civil Rights Issues

  • Supports affirmative action.
  • Opposes gay marriage; supports civil unions with full rights. Opposed constitutional ban on gay marriage.
  • Wants to close Guantanamo and restore right of habeus corpus.
  • Voted no on Patriot Act wiretapping.
  • Voted yes on reauthorizing Patriot Act.

Obama on Job Issues

  • Wants to end tax breaks for companies that outsource.
  • Make miminum wage a living wage.
  • Supports unions and organized labor.
  • Does not believe tax cuts for rich create jobs.
  • Has detailed plan for improving urban and rural development.

Obama on Healthcare Issues

  • Supports "universal" health care system, but without automatic coverage.
  • Wants U.S. to lead in global fight against AIDS.
  • Has worked on reform of Medicare.

Obama on Environmental Issues

For more, see Barack Obama on the Issues.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know why Mr. Obama refuses to respond to direct questions, BEFORE he has a Speech or answer written by someone else at his disposal????

James said...

Guys, it is scary to have Obama particularly in this situation of grave consequences facing our country.

The War,
The Economy,
The Social Security,
The HealthCare,
The Job market,
The Middle Class

Problems so serious needs someone with experience.
Now this guy does not have a long history and he wants to change the world (US to start with).
He is a man of a race. Black man has never been a President (Not to say he is racial) it adds one more issue to above mentioned list.

The Race.

I know the race, religion and caste issues since I have moderated few elections in the East and they are ugly.

A person who becomes a President is not a one man show. If he tries to be that he looks like Bush who is to the right and this guy Obama is to the left.

A government is a big machine made of millions of people who are going to be there even when the Presidents and Govt. change. A senate and a house which change but not totally. The people are still same.

If you have someone so ideological but at the same time having no networking with government 'machinary'how in the hell can he bring change other than VeTO. WE have seen this more so often these days.

No matter how you look at it this is a dangerous combination of an in-experienced political figure raised to the alter by sheer disappointment for the current administration.

The mob mentality in US politics is the last straw on camels back so to say.

If we get someone with these credentials it would be a disaster I could see the same American people being more angry than they are now when the war is right now outside the US.

This man can bring this war within us. The reason is simple we cannot change things overnight and that is what he is trying to say. He says it is not going to happen overnight but gives a feeling it might.

There is an attribute of socialism in his speech which can further hurt our structure.

Now let me be clear, there is nothing that he says is wrong.
But the fact is it is not that simple. Bush would do it if it was so and get his 4 generations guanranteed Presidents of the USA.

This man Barack may have a good character, notion, and good intentions but what he is promising is to naive and is dangerously day dreaming.

He is taking about change which needs to start but at the grass roots in local govt, senate, and house and than at the center.

He by far needs more time, more experience and more to show us all of us that he can deliver. If he has the stuff he would come back.
But even if he is right and I am wrong right. If we get him the Presidency it would be the last Presidency that would shatter the USA from what it used to be.

God Bless US ALL

Independent said...

I was an Obama supporter until I learned more. He is talking about gimmicks to win an election, well, Obama asked to put signs up at the fuel pumps in his Illinois home senate district stating, "Senator Obama reduced your gasoline prices" after voting for a gas tax suspension in his home state of Illinois. (source: Illinois senate transcript 4/15/2000)

http://www.ilga.gov/senate/transcripts/strans91/ST041500.pdf pg 80-81

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Right experience like GWB and Dick Cheney. Who got us in this war? Who opposed the war? Who has the experience? Think this is rocket science? Think again! How much is this war costing YOU, the American Tax Payer? And the Republicans say they are "Fiscally Conservative"? You're kidding right? Are Americans that easily fooled? hink again!

Rob Dodd said...

My hope has soared during the past year with the prospect of having a new administration under Senator Obama.

However on this day with the passage of the FISA bill I am deeply disappointed in his disregard for the Constitution of the United States which he swore to defend and uphold. No matter which excuse is given it is wrong to spy on anyone without a proper warrant and probable cause. See the Fourth Amendment.

I spent 14 year hardworking years in the military to uphold the constitution and freedoms to make elections like this are possible. I feel betrayed and hurt I am reconsidering my rationale to vote for Senator Obama.

Senator, please prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a fool who wants to ruin america he wants to raise taxes for people who make over 200,000 .But also wants to repeal the bush tax cuts which gives people under 200,000 a year a 2,500 tax cut.He says he will give us low income familys a 1,000 tax cut well if he becomes president low income fanilys will lose 1,500 dollars a year so he is in fact raising the taxes on every single tax bracket wake the hecll up and get educated this guy is pissin on your heads and tryin to say its rain.
Furthermore everytime He brings up a social problem he turns it into a black thing like black fathers need to take care of there kids and not run off well look Obama white ,mexican and every other race has dead beat fathers that dont take care of there kids.
This guy didnt even get involved heavily into the black community until he was 26 years old out of college and out of his white moms familys home so if anything this guy is a spoiled white boy who thinks he is black now and thatr he has been some civil rights activist forever please Oppybama.

Andrew V said...

On August 28th, 2008 Mr. Obama shouted to the enthusiastic audience that he would return America to being the world’s super power. Is it the unalienable right of an American presidential campaigner to claim the right of world's super power? Would the west react with the same blind and effusive enthusiasm if the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel announced that her country will be the world's super next power? Will the world welcome a decision by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao that China is assuming the mantle of world policeman? Why do such flagrant, egotistical and self-assuming proclamations by North American leaders go unchallenged when similar comments by other political leaders would have the UN in a blind panic?

Anonymous said...

Well, the big day is here.

The big day when Obama, in concert, literally, with the Leftist Media, tries to make his
case for why we should vote for him.

He still expects so many of us to believe him, even after him being one of the biggest
LIARS, on the face of this planet, in ALL of human history.

Now that there's been uncovered, yet ANOTHER, of his Blatant and Obvious examples
of his root and core Socialist ideological beliefs, and no doubt why they will NOT
reveal his writings from his College / University years, he has more 'splaining to do.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how it is
possible that, since he has, from at least 2001 or before, held the beliefs, as he was
eager to explain in the 2001 radio interview, in which he SAID there should be MORE
Redistribution ( of wealth ), and the SUPREME COURT ( probably other courts too )
SHOULD be MORE involved. And, in CONTRADICTON to the Constitution, AND he
STILL expects us to NOT think he IS a Socialist? Not to mention, him apparently
being hell bent on our Constitution NOT being followed, which he MUST take an Oath
TO Uphold and Protect. HOW and WHY would / could, We The People, believe ANY
oath HE would take, under ANY circumstances?

Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

SO, just as has been asked in many ways, in cross examinations, and by those who
REALLY want to know, was he LYING, LYING, LYING THEN, or, is he LYING, LYING,
LYING Now? Or, is he just a CONSTANT Psychopathic Lying Sociopath? In ANY case,
Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

Or, BOTH? It sure looks like it, more, and more, and more.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how
it is possible, that 20 years in front of a "mentor" / Wright, was not enough for
Obama to KNOW what Wright was all about, and hear and see the divisive
anger and rage, which was demonstrated a number of times in sermons?
Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how
it is possible that, since he is supposedly so well educated from his college
and university years, that he is apparently NOT well read enough, or NOT in
touch with RECENT American History, that he has no clue of who Ayers was?
Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how
it is possible that, IF he has any REAL sense of politics, or the REAL world
around him, how is it that when he started to get involved with Ayers, and
ESPECIALLY Ayers involved in Obama's political career, that Obama did
NOT properly do research about Ayers, to make sure of who or what he was?
Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how
it is possible that, since he was so involved with ACORN, but he did NOT
apparently also know, or care about, the following:

( From http://pajamasmedia.com/ )

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is a community-based organization

that advocates for low and moderate income families founded in 1970 by Wade Rathke and Gary Delgado.

Rathke, one of the most powerful hard-Left activists in America, is a former member of a radical 1960s group,

the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Weathermen terrorist group split off from the SDS in 1969.


Although the organization prides itself for its registration efforts, it also has a long history of scandal. In the

state of Missouri in 1986, 12 ACORN members were convicted of voter fraud. But that case was not an

isolated incident in the state. In December 2004, in St. Louis, six volunteers pleaded guilty of dozens of

election law violations for filling out registration cards with names of dead people and other bogus information.

Authorities launched an earlier investigation after noticing that among the new voters was longtime St. Louis

alderman Albert “Red” Villa, who died in 1990. The volunteers worked for “Operation Big Vote” — a branch of

ACORN — in St. Louis.
On February 10, 2005, Nonaresa Montgomery, a paid worker who ran Operation Big Vote during the run-up

to the 2001 mayoral primary, was found guilty of vote fraud. Montgomery hired about 30 workers to do

fraudulent voter-registration canvassing. Instead of knocking on doors, the volunteers sat at a St. Louis fast

food restaurant and wrote out names and information from an outdated voter list. About 1,500 fraudulent voter

registration cards were turned in.

In October 2006, St. Louis election officials discovered at least 1,492 “potentially fraudulent” voter registration

cards. They were all turned in by ACORN volunteers.

In November 2006, 20,000 to 35,000 questionable voter registration forms were turned in by ACORN officials

in Missouri. Most all of these were from St. Louis and Kansas City areas, where ACORN purportedly sought

to help empower the “disenfranchised” minorities living there. But the ACORN workers weren’t just told to

register new voters. The workers admitted on camera that they were coached to tell registrants to vote for

Democrat Claire McCaskill.

In 2007, in Kansas City, Missouri, four ACORN employees were indicted for fraud. In April of this year eight

ACORN employees in St. Louis city and county pleaded guilty to federal election fraud for submitting bogus

voter registrations.

And, that was just Missouri.

( The whole story: http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/the-complete-guide-to-acorn-voter-fraud/ )

So, since Obama is supposedly so smart, HOW can it be he did NOT know ANY of this
FRAUD history of ACORN?

Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how
it is possible that, IF he is supposedly so smart, politically, or otherwise, HOW
is it, he did not make sure of the ethicalness of his relationship and deals with
Rezko? WHY did Obama not realize the potential, for even the appearance of
scandal, let alone the ACTUAL deals we're now aware of? Maybe because it's
so accepted in Chicago / Illinois corrupt street thug politics?

Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how
it is possible that, IF he has ANY amount of understanding of economics, or
our country's financial mechanisms, he could NOT see the potential for disaster,
with the KNOWN mismanagement, CORRUPTION, and artificial housing
market success, being perpetrated by, and because of, Fannie, Freddie, and
BAD legislation and requirements, for banks to make HIGH risk mortgages?

Maybe because so many DEMOCRATS were ALREADY getting away with it.

Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how
it is possible that, IF he had ANY inkling of Foreign Policy, or even reality in
general, that it would be OK, to sit down with a KNOWN adversary, of ANY
degree, to discuss, and TO NEGOTIATE, almost anything, would be done with
NO preconditions, AND that ANY one, with an ounce of IQ, would ANNOUNCE
ahead of time, their strategy, like, NO preconditions?

Obama is either sooooo INCOMPETENT, or it's ANOTHER of his BIG LIES.

Can ANY amount of Obama bought air time, be enough for him to explain how
it is possible that, . . ., well, I guess the list could go on and on. And, I probably
have missed some things in my above chronology.

It all just comes down to this,

Obama is either sooooo absolutely, totally, INCOMPETENT, or,

In EITHER case he WILL be one of the WORST presidents we'd EVER have.

Maybe that won't happen.

Dalene said...

All About Children askes...There is a situation here in Texas. This is regarding two families. One is in the middle of getting custody of their son's daughter. His wife already has a son who is half black which her partents are getting custody of him. They will continue to get state help with taking care of this little boy, but the other grandparents of the all white baby will not receive any state help once they get custody because she is white. I feel this is rascist and unfare for people who are trying to do the right thing by taking on this grandchild. Is this fare in your mind Mr. Pesident, isn't there anything that can be done to change this unfare and uncaring situation?February 26, 2009

Anonymous said...

Impeach Obama. People actually supported you till you got in office. What a joke

Anonymous said...

Were you born in US or Africa? That is the answer we all want to know. You have never answered the question. Why is that? Just because the supreme court did not want top go to trial. HHHHMMMM that is crap. Tell us Obama, Tell us

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