Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Funny Bush-Clinton dynasty video

Here is an hilarious video by UndergroundObama asking whether we're ready for 36 straight years of Bush-Clinton dynasty.

Obama has also released a new video ad called "Choices" airing in New Hampshire that highlights his choice to work as a community organizer as a young college graduate.

Barack is currently leading the Democracy for America straw poll when write-in candidate Al Gore is taken out of the picture. He's just barely ahead of John Edwards though:

Total Votes: 74708 as of Tue, 23 Oct 2007 17:40:43 -0400

Al Gore (write in) 22542 30.17%
Barack Obama 16304 21.82%
John Edwards 13349 17.87%
Dennis Kucinich 12934 17.31%
Hillary Clinton 3864 5.17%
Bill Richardson 2100 2.81%
Other 1558 2.09%
Joe Biden 828 1.11%
Mike Gravel 660 0.88%
Christopher Dodd 569 0.76%

VOTING IS STILL OPEN!! Polls close at midnight on November 5th, 2007. Cast your vote now at http://www.DemocracyforAmerica.com/PulsePoll

If Al Gore doesn't run: Now the live stats for candidates who have announced their candidacy

Barack Obama 20394 26.98%
John Edwards 20100 26.59%
Dennis Kucinich 16236 21.48%
Hillary Clinton 6979 9.23%
Bill Richardson 3202 4.24%
Joe Biden 1727 2.28%
Christopher Dodd 1465 1.94%
Mike Gravel 878 1.16%

This chart counts the second choice of DFA members who wrote Al Gore in for their first choice. Results updated hourly.

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