Friday, October 19, 2007

Barack Obama promises immediate Iraq pullout

Speaking to a crowd of 5,000 Friday at Arizona State University in Tempe, Sen. Barack Obama pledged to order a U.S. troop pullout from Iraq upon taking office.

Raul Alvillar, director of Obama's campaign in Arizona, said he thinks Obama's consistent opposition to the war in Iraq will present a clear choice to Hillary Rodham Clinton, who voted to authorize the war. This

More combative style

Many observers have noted that Barack is taking on Hillary much more in his public statements. A Politico blogger speculates that this may be driven by supporters who are getting worried by Obama's position in the polls.

Obama's handlers, however, keep assuring the faithful that the strategy of winning or beating expectation in Iowa and building up momentum will work.

I have to think that Hillary Clinton's camp is under a lot pressure now. If she goes up any more in the polls, even Pollyanna would have to suspect something was fishy in Denmark.

The Obama camp was able to celebrate they're reaching the goal of $2.1 million to close the funding gap with Clinton.

Close the Gap -- Make a Donation

A crowd of Obama supporters in Nevada on Thursday.

There is a great article in Esquire about the Bush administration's moves toward war with Iran:

The Secret History of the Impending War with Iran That the White House Doesn't Want You to Know

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