Thursday, October 18, 2007

Barack leads in higher education donations

The latest campaign-finance reports, released today by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research group, show Senator Barack Obama with nearly $2.1-million in donations from college administrators, faculty members, and other higher-education employees.

That keeps Senator Obama well in front among 2008 presidential candidates in funds raised from higher education sources, ahead of fellow Democrat, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, at nearly $1.7-million.

Mitt Romney, the leading Republican raised $568,000 from education sources. Fourth is Rudolph W. Giuliani with $429,000; followed by John Edwards at $408,000; Gov. Bill Richardson at $333,000; and Sen. John McCain at $231,000.

Former Sen. Fred Thompson, who entered the race last month, is in 11th place with $54,000.

Barack has also been a leader in raising funds from military personnel and environmentalists.

Closing funding gap

Barack Obama is quickly nearing his goal of $2.1 million to help close the fundraising gap with Hillary Clinton.

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More SEIUs endorse Barack Obama

The Missouri-Kansas state SEIU labor union has endorsed Barack Obama according to the group's leader Lenny Jones.

Illinois' SEIU has already endorsed Obama, while Iowa went for John Edwards.

Obama did get some good news also from Iowa where Rep. Mark Smith, D-Marshalltown endorsed the Illinois senator on Wednesday.

“He comes from the great state of Illinois, near Iowa, and has a good sense of what issues are important to people in the heartland,” Smith said.

Responding to news of Smith's support, Obama said in a press release, "Rep. Smith will play in instrumental role in building our grassroots support in Marshalltown and throughout Iowa. We’re proud to have his support in our effort to challenge the conventional thinking in Washington, D.C. and transform our nation.”

Mark Smith, Iowa Rep.

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