Thursday, October 18, 2007

Barack leads in higher education donations

The latest campaign-finance reports, released today by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research group, show Senator Barack Obama with nearly $2.1-million in donations from college administrators, faculty members, and other higher-education employees.

That keeps Senator Obama well in front among 2008 presidential candidates in funds raised from higher education sources, ahead of fellow Democrat, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, at nearly $1.7-million.

Mitt Romney, the leading Republican raised $568,000 from education sources. Fourth is Rudolph W. Giuliani with $429,000; followed by John Edwards at $408,000; Gov. Bill Richardson at $333,000; and Sen. John McCain at $231,000.

Former Sen. Fred Thompson, who entered the race last month, is in 11th place with $54,000.

Barack has also been a leader in raising funds from military personnel and environmentalists.

Closing funding gap

Barack Obama is quickly nearing his goal of $2.1 million to help close the fundraising gap with Hillary Clinton.

Close the Gap -- Make a Donation

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