Friday, October 19, 2007

Obama emphasizes Iraq War stance in Reno

Barack Obama highlighted the contrast of his opposition to the Iraq War with the authorization voted for by some of his opponents, while campaigning in Reno Thursday.

"The American people were failed by a president who led us to war and didn't tell us the whole truth," Obama said. "But the American people were also failed by the majority of Congress, who voted to give the president opened-ended authority to wage war that he uses to this day. 'Let's be clear, without that vote there would be no war."

Obama also mentioned the Senate's vote last month making Iran's Republican Guard a 'foreign terrorist organization,' a move that could be used to justify an Iran attack.

"George Bush and Dick Cheney must hear loud and clear: You don't have our support, you don't have our authorization for another war. You don't have it," Obama told an enthusiastic crowd. Polls show that the Iraq War is far away the most important issue for Nevada voters in the presidential election.

This was Obama's second visit to the early voting state and he heads to Las Vegas where he hopes to drum up labor support.

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