Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Barack banking on Iowa

Sen. Barack Obama is investing heavily in Iowa field offices and is hitting one voter at a time.

Obama is outspending Hillary Clinton by 20 percent in the state with 31 offices and abundant paid staff. In addition, the campaign has been running extended television ads in the state.

One recent Newsweek poll showed the Illinois senator leading in Iowa.

Obviously the campaign wants to win Iowa or at least knock one of the other candidates out to be in position for a head-on-head match in Nevada and New Hampshire. They probably do not want to come in third!

As Nevada comes before New Hampshire, it may impact any momentum gained in Iowa and thus is a hard state to ignore. One strategy the campaign is using is bringing in supporters from other states, particularly from California to help in Nevada.

In both Nevada and Iowa, Obama is trying to avoid mistakes made by Howard Dean by using supporter cards to register his strength in any voting area. Dean is thought to have overestimate his support leading to not putting enough resources in the right places.

The supporter cards are like pledges that also register how committed each respondent is to Barack's campaign.

Obama will also hold statewide house parties as practice sessions for caucus night.

Barack Obama talks with supporters during a neighborhood canvas in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007. AP Photo/Kevin Sanders via Yahoo News.

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