Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Obama's office/staff spending reveals focus

You can get some idea of the priorities of the candidates by the number of offices and paid staff they've hired in different states.

For example, here are the offices that Obama has opened across the country:

Obama for America Offices

Iowa -- 29
New Hampshire -- 6
Nevada -- 3
South Carolina -- 2
California -- 2
New York -- 1
Florida -- 1

This figure may not include a new office the campaign just opened in San Bernardino, California.

You can see that the Obama campaign is really concentrating on doing well in the first caucus state of Iowa.

One area in which the Democratic frontrunners differ sharply is in their South Carolina efforts.

Obama spent $150,000 on staff in South Carolina during the second quarter and has opened two offices in the state.

Hillary Clinton spent $38,000 on 2Q staff salaries in South Carolina and John Edwards only $11,000.

In comparison, Edwards spent $67,000 on staff in Nevada. While Clinton had only seven staffers in South Carolina, she has 25 in Nevada. Obama spent $105,000 on staff in Nevada.

For more info on staff spending, click here.

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