Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack Obama calls for era of responsibility

President-elect Barack Obama will call on Americans to usher in a new period of responsibility during his inauguration tomorrow.

"Given the crisis that we're in and the hardships that so many people are going through, we can't allow any idle hands," Obama said during an event today. "Everybody's got to be involved. Everybody's going to have to pitch in, and I think the American people are ready for that."

"I am making a commitment to you as the next president, that we are going to make government work," he told volunteers at Coolidge High. "But I can't do it by myself. Michelle can't do it by herself. Government can only do so much....If we're waiting for someone else to do something, it never gets done."

The historic inauguration of the first African American president will be covered and attended like no other. Many leaders of the civil rights movement will be present and can be expected to comment on mainstream media.

ABC News
Obama to Call for a New Era of Responsibility
Wall Street Journal - 32 minutes ago
By LAURA MECKLER and JONATHAN WEISMAN WASHINGTON -- Americans poured into the nation's capital to celebrate the inauguration of the first black president with parades and parties.
Video: From Emancipation to Inauguration AssociatedPress

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Video: From Emancipation to Inauguration AssociatedPress


pharaon said...

vania said...

congratulations i m from brasil i lives americana i think this govern better bush today i m home in my city jail because mr chairman globo tv mr roberto irineu marinho he put jail adress globo tv rue doctor chucri zaidan 46 morumbi sao paulo sp do you likehelp

Philip I said...

Obama's middle name will rescue America.

The Intellectual Redneck said...

Where is the liberal outrage when Obama kills civilians?
President Bush was criticized for attacks against Al Qeada that sometimes killed civilians. Even candidate Barack Obama was critical. Will liberals now start calling Barack Obama a murderer? I suspect they will just look the other way.

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