Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack Obama celebrates Martin Luther King Day

President-elect Barack Obama will celebrate Martin Luther King Day by volunteering in civic projects.

Obama's campaign has called on supporters to serve as volunteers on this holiday before the inauguration.

Obama will appear at an event discussing a new Web site,, that helps Americans organize or join community service programs.

He will then host separate dinners to honor Republican Senator John McCain, Vice President-elect Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

The wives of the Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden - Michelle and Jill - will host a free inaugural concert for young people to honor military families.

Obama has constantly stressed to his supporters that they cannot depend on change to come from government alone. For true to change to occur, it must also come from the grassroots level, for example, by ordinary people volunteering to improve their communities.

Obama on most minds as NJ marks King Day
Newsday - 1 hour ago
TRENTON, NJ (AP) _ With the nation's first black president set to take office Tuesday, Barack Obama was front and center at celebrations marking the Martin Luther King Jr.
Obama Celebrates Martin Luther King Voice of America
Most blacks say MLK's vision fulfilled, poll finds CNN


Christopher said...

What an amazing journey from then to now... just finished reading a look back on MLK celebrating his birthday this past Friday.. just amazing.

Anonymous said...

I did not vote for you, but will support you as our new president. You have been a wonderful example to the youth of America. You have two beautiful daughters. You are supposed to be setting an example for America and your children. We follow by example. Since you are in such a place to set a huge example to the youth, then you need to think seriously about your smoking habit. This would be a prime time to stop smoking and let America know that you feel strongly about good health. You could inspire many to do the same!

Ruby J. Moors

Anonymous said...

Our Warm Wishes To The New President.
The hot air blowers can be temporarily installed safely on the electric polls to warm the Lincoln Memorial Center area for millions of people and save them from catching pnemonia.

Anonymous said...

what did we get this country into this time, I know bush was bad, but wow really? Obama?

Anonymous said...

Wanna support Obama? This is a unique and wonderful way to do it

Anonymous said...

Heres a mashup i made with Obama and a speech about race relations i hope you enjoy and will share with your readers!

alain.cadillac said...
an ebook of a french artist ; me alain cadillac
for my hope in pdt Obama !

I have been also a social worker for 20 years and journalist and have worked wiith Foucault, Guattari (ecology) & Deleuze, and have study and worked with the philosopher JP Faye (former pdt of european research university) Paris Fr (ministère de la recherche)

Big up for Mme & M Barack Hussein OBAMA and their daughters

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