Sunday, January 18, 2009

Despite general gloom, people optimistic about Obama

The sinking economy and complex international security problems are not shaking people's faith in President-elect Barack Obama.

A New York Times/CBS News Poll showed that 79 percent of people were optimistic about the next four years under Obama, although polls also show that about two-thirds of respondents think that the economic recession will last for two years or longer.

It may be that Obama's own optimism is fueling the public's confidence in him. His calm demeanor and frequent charming smile help project a positive image that inspires people's faith in his ability to handle the current crisis.

Of course, the president-elect is still in the traditional "honeymoon" period, and the current reservoir of goodwill could drain as the recession and other problems test the people's patience.

Obama himself has been trying to lower expectations every time he speaks by repeating that it took years to create the current problems, and it could take years to solve them.

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More Obama optimism for you and your readers
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