Thursday, January 24, 2008

SC Black News Endorses Barack

SC Black News Endorses Barack

by T. Neil Sroka, SC Obama Staff, Thursday, January 24, 2008 at 09:40 PM
The SC Black News, the largest African American paper in South Carolina, joined The State, the Rock Hill Hearld, and the Greenville News in endorsing Barack for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

SC Black News endorses Barack Obama

South Carolina's largest African American newspaper announces their endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Senator Obama's message has remained consistent throughout this arduous process and throughout his career. His intent to hold the office of President appears to be genuinely selfless and not ego-driven, but driven by the need to bring this country, and the world together. We find him to be the most qualified to lift this country out of the despair and his approach to the political process refreshing and inspiring. Race has little to do with our endorsement. It is the content of the message and the character of the candidates that has moved us in this direction. Senator Clinton and Senator Edwards bring many fresh ideas to the table and we respect their candidacies, but neither brings the kind of hope and vision we feel necessary to navigate our country successfully through the perilous challenges that lie ahead.

While the differences in the democratic candidates' positions are really quite small, the tactics in which they have been delivered have undeniably influenced popular opinion. It may be impossible to negate the fact that when spokespeople are speaking off the cuff on your behalf, some less than diplomatic statements and responses may occur. However, Senator Clinton's camp has repeatedly employed questionable attacks on Senator Obama's character that have no place in the new political millennium as it relates to the racial divide.

In her eagerness to point out how white presidents can get things done, she in effect relegated Dr. King's sacrifice for racial equality to nothing more than a supportive role. And that came directly out of her mouth, not her husband's, a politico supporter's or a celebrity hired gun designed to reach out to the African American population. If indeed the barrage of attacks are unscripted and not part of a larger strategy to undermine Senator Obama, then they are at best indicative of a much larger problem. If she is unable to control and steer her campaign clear of divisive political disparages, how can she be expected to effectively run a country amid great partisan divide on varying critical issues? Senator Edwards has not availed himself to Black News after repeated attempts to establish a report. His message is strong in that he is for worker's rights, the less privileged, the unemployed and the underemployed, but his lack of effort to reach out to our readership has greatly influenced our position with his overall campaign.

Obama has proven himself to be unaffected by insider political maneuvering. He politically strives to bring constructive dialogue to a problem and is truly a man of vision and embodies the spirit of cooperation that has eluded us for the past seven years. In a speech given last fall, Obama said, "What we cannot continue to do is operate as if we are the weakest nation in the world instead of the strongest one, because that's not who we are and that's not what the US has been about, historically. It is starting to warp our domestic policies, as well. We haven't even talked about civil liberties and the impact of that politics of fear--what that has done to us, in terms of undermining basic civil liberties in this country, what it has done in terms of our reputation around the world." He has proven that through hard work, commitment and sound reason, we can come together as a nation to correct the evils that plague us, both domestically and abroad.

We feel his ability to work with both sides of the aisle far eclipses the other candidates' ability to effectively run a bi-partisan government and bring our country out of the darkness that now surrounds it. We believe Obama has the integrity and clarity needed to steer clear of such harmful digression and he will be able to affect change that can enrich us all. He has worked for civil rights, human rights and women's rights throughout his career in activism, law and politics. It is his commitment to equality for all Americans that resonates with us - and the country.

Senator Obama's record as a person who will work for change, champion those who need it most while maintaining an integral, innate sense of justice speaks for itself. Experience has been one of the most debated topics among the democrats. As a civil rights attorney and professor of constitutional law, Obama has a keen understanding and deep appreciation of our nation's core values and guiding principles. Obama will be a fierce defender of the fundamental American values of freedom and equality under law. He has very strong support in the African American community and speaks forthrightly about racial issues and has a great deal of history and experience in civil rights-oriented struggles. In many ways, he breaks that mold of the politician who softens his message in order to appeal to a wide range of voters.

Let's level the economic field for everyone, not just the rich and the privileged. Let's withdraw our troops from Iraq and begin the healing process we so desperately need. Let's make health care and medicines available to everyone who needs them, make housing affordable and keep our jobs in America. Let's educate our children and take care of our veterans and seniors. Despite decades of progress, women still make only 77 cents for every dollar men make. Obama believes the government needs to better enforce the Equal Pay Act, fight job discrimination, and improve child care options and family medical leave to give women equal footing in the workplace.

And last but not least, we have to consider electability in November. Clinton does not automatically enjoy the position as the most popular candidate. We feel she will be unable to sway the considerable number of moderate voters needed for a Democratic victory. In contrast, Obama is able to inspire all walks of people from different social-economic backgrounds and has single handedly rejuvenated the country's belief in a democracy that has the people's best interests at heart, not multi-nationals, defense contractors and special interest groups. He has awakened a cadre of young Americans to the philosophies of elective politics and inspired many to register for the first time in their lives. Obama is clearly the choice if we are to change the direction of this country from a selfish, greed-driven nation to one of peace and justice for all.

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