Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Daily Gamecock endorses Barack Obama

The Daily Gamecock is the campus newspaper of the University of South Carolina.

Gamecaucus: Democratic Endorsement

Obama sets standard for unity, cooperation

With three frontrunners it could be hard to narrow it down to one clear winner.

But for our editorial board one quality and, with that, one name topped the list.

The Democratic candidate must be able to bridge party lines to bring consensus to the U.S. Too long has America suffered under the "us versus them" mentality in Washington.

But only one candidate can unite the public and parties. For this single ability above the rest, we endorse Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for the state primary.

Obama promises to carefully and sensibly withdraw from Iraq, and his plans for health care will cover any student under 25 on their parents' health care plans.

His plans in education are even more admirable, providing more qualified teachers and making college affordable under the American Opportunity Tax Credit.

Obama's so-called "lack" of experience is of no consequence. Obama has experience in the areas that count for our university, our state and our nation. Working in grassroots efforts in Chicago, the senator has seen the hopes and dreams of American people and the obstacles they face.

He has known the pinch of every student loan bill in the mail and knows the fear associated with the lack of adequate health care.

And it only takes a quick look around D.C. to see what's gone terribly wrong and how it can be fixed; Obama has had four years. In 2004, Obama said in his unforgettable Democratic National Convention speech that the bedrock of our nation is in "hope in the face of uncertainty" and "a belief that there are better days ahead."

And our hopes lie with Barack Obama

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