Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Youth vote still key for Obama

Although some polls are showing Hillary Clinton beating all the other candidates combined, Barack Obama still draws thousands of supporters to campaign events.

Many of this enthusiasts are young people, the kind of people likely to be overlooked in opinion polls.

Indeed, most campaign polls only consider people who have voted in the last election or the last two elections. So new voters, or young people that have not been consistent voters will be left out.

Mobilizing and turning out these young voters will take some resources though. That is why it is necessary for Obama to have funds left over after Iowa. Even if he wins Iowa, there's not enough time to raise a whole lot of money before voting starts again.

So the campaign has to watch its budget.

Networking on BlackPlanet

In addition to young voters another possible sleeper for Obama would be the African American vote.

Recently, Barack opened up a page on BlackPlanet a social networking site with some 17 million registered users. So far, Obama's page has accrued 60,000 friends. Barack also has pages on Migente.com, a Latino community site; AsianAvenue.com and GLEE.com, a site for the GLBT community.

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