Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Importance of South Carolina

The most important move the Obama campaign can do now in preparation for Super Tuesday is to win South Carolina.

A win in the Palmetto State guarantees nationwide media coverage far exceeding any televisions ads the campaign could afford. Barack will have the "big mo" going into Tsunami Tuesday when 22 states pick the Democratic nominee.

If he loses there, people will say the Iowa win was a fluke. African Americans may see him as non-viable since he could not win a state in which they make up about half the Democratic electorate. There will be a lot of negative buzz about his electability.

The big task again, as with all other states except probably Illinois, will be to get out the vote, especially Obama's young supporters. The work requires voter contact, preferably person-to-person although robo-calls, radio ads and other mass media techniques can also help.

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