Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DNC measured as website activity

The Alexa rankings for reach and pageviews for the two official presidential campaigns indicate how much excitement the Democratic National Convention generated for President Barack Obama.  The two charts below show activity for both presidential campaigns sites over the last three months

Reach indicates the percentage of total worldwide Internet users while pageviews represents percentage of total worldwide webpage views.

During the DNC, there was a significant jump in each metric for barackobama.com.  In comparison, the RNC, which took place at the end of August, hardly seems to have helped Mitt Romney's official website at all.  From the online evidence, at least, if there really is an "enthusiasm gap," it appears to favor the Obama campaign.

Supporters can donate money and volunteer to help on these campaign websites.  They can also read blogs and other news and articles on these sites.  Barackobama.com has a feature known as the Dashboard that allows registered users to campaign online using a digital interface.

Among the ways that they can help online include calling registered voters, contacting people in their area to volunteer, and contributing content including stories and testimonials.  The site does not appear yet to have a tool for writing letters to the editor and op-eds like that featured on the 2008 campaign site.

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