Monday, September 10, 2012

Obama slips past Romney in August fundraising

President Barack Obama raised more than Mitt Romney for the first time in three months by pulling in $114 million in August compared to $111 million for his opponent.

What makes Obama's fundraising even more significant is that he raised 98 percent of his money from donors who gave $250 or less, while 31 percent of Romney donors fell into that category. That appears to indicate that the president has more supporters available for the ground campaign.

Some of the energy of the Obama campaign was evident at the convention where supporters easily outpaced the Republicans on social media. In fact, President Obama's speech set a new Twitter record.

The speech scored 7.28 on Facebook's "Talk Meter" analysis, the highest from either convention. In comparison, Romney's speech only scored 5.04.

Additionally, there is no reason to think that Obama has an overwhelming presence of geeks and nerds among his supporters, so this phenomenon will also likely translate into more action in the field for the president.

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