Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big Mo

A string of election polls show that President Barack Obama is up both nationally and in the battleground states.  His advantage in the national polls is steeper than that in the swing states.

Maybe most importantly, the favorability gap between the two candidates is widening.  Mitt Romney just cannot not consistently get voters to like him more.  The Republican convention helped him a little, but he is definitely still having difficulty with his image. 

One is tempted to think that that the Obama campaign is starting to pick substantial momentum, which is known in politics and elsewhere as the "Big Mo."   And it's not just the polls that indicate that the campaign is picking up steam.  After two months of the Romney campaign winning fundraising by wide margins, the Obama team turned the tables in August.

Then, there was the recent big foreign policy bungle made during Romney's press conference in reaction to the riots in Libya and Egypt.  From all directions, it seems that things are moving in Obama's direction.

The Big Mo is like having the wind at your back while sailing, while for the other side, it is more like having to sail against a stiff wind.  While it does not guarantee a victory, you definitely want the Big Mo on your side. 

Maybe it is still a little early to declare that Obama has the Big Mo.  It could be that he's just enjoying a healthy but temporary convention bounce.  The next few weeks will give us a better idea as to whether momentum is favoring the president's campaign.


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