Thursday, November 20, 2008

Napolitano, Pritzker vetted for cabinet positions

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and billionaire Penny Pritzker are being vetted for the positions of homeland security secretary and commerce secretary respectively, according to Democratic sources.

Napolitano was one of Obama's earliest supporters among state governors and Pritzker served as Obama's national finance chair. Pritzker is one of several Chicago associates that Obama is considering appointing to key positions.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano speaks during closing ceremonies ...
Thu Nov 20, 7:40 AM ET

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano speaks during closing ceremonies of the 26th Border Governors Conference in Los Angeles, August 15, 2008.

(Fred Prouser/Reuters)

BBC News
Sources: Pritzker, Napolitano being vetted
CNN - 2 hours ago
(CNN) -- Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is President-elect Barack Obama's top choice for homeland security secretary, according to multiple Democratic sources close to the transition.

Arizona governor in line for homeland security post Boston Globe

Napolitano is DHS secretary pick

Hillary may be announced as secretary of state within the next week


Anonymous said...

I started a video blog commenting on Obama's address to the nation. Seemed like something up your alley:

It's pretty silly, enjoy!

J Milken said...

And I created a score card for Obama

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