Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Unite for Change

Here's a video of Unite For Change events in Evergreen, Colorado.

Sherry had an event at Mason's Pub in Huntsville, Alabama. Here's what she said about the event.

Our event was great! We had over 100 Obama supporters congregate at Mason’s Pub in downtown Huntsville, and by the end of the event, they were fired up and ready to go!

Many people signed up to do volunteer work, with an emphasis on a huge voter registration drive for this State. We decided that Alabama would most definitely be a swing state this year.

The nicest surprise of the afternoon was the appearance of the Chair of the Alabama Veterans for Obama, a lovely young man who had served in Iraq and who, like Barack, spoke to the best in us. We were also delighted when an Obama delegate and an alternate delegate blessed us with their presence.

Of course, most of all it was about all the community of people this campaign is about, and the spirit of community we felt for two hours on a Saturday afternoon will last long after everyone separated for the day. Thank you Huntsville supporters, and thank you Barack and Michelle for a very special Day of Unity.

Slideshow of Unite for Change meeting in Huntsville, Alabama.

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