Sunday, January 27, 2008

Times of Trenton (NJ) backs Barack Obama

The Times of Trenton in New Jersey endorsed Barack Obama today.

Dem primary: Obama

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Now that New Jersey has a real voice in the primary process, we'd like to become part of the chorus. We're endorsing candi dates for the Garden State's Feb. 5 contest -- one of 23 across the country that day that will go a long way toward determining the presidential nominees.

We'd trust the keys to the White House to any one of the three leading Democratic candidates. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards have plans, passion and a grounding in government that would serve the country well. Their engagement, their energy would represent a huge change from the lackluster leadership of the past seven years.

That said, we're backing Sen. Obama for several reasons, not the least of which is that he has the ability to change the image of the United States overnight. And he understands the importance of that power, the first step toward restoring our country as a beacon of liberty and justice.

Sen. Obama has advanced an agenda of sound economic proposals. And his health-care approach, with buy-in plans, would pave the way toward the eventual goal of an all-inclusive health-care system.

He's serious about the development of alternative fuels and is not beholden to the interests of the big oil companies.

He has displayed solid judgment throughout his career. When, as a state senator, he warned against going to war in Iraq, he eloquently anticipated the worst that has come to pass. Having never voted for the war, he's in a better position than his rivals to begin to undo that unholy mess with a timetable for the withdrawal of troops.

His candidacy also is a clear signal that the United States has moved beyond whatever remnants of racism still cling to this country's conscience. Pockets of prejudice still may remain here and there, but they will no longer be countenanced.

Most important, Sen. Obama represents a fresh start and a departure from two decades of the Bush-Clinton-Bush monopoly on government -- and all the attendant scandals, favors, battles, special interests, failures and foibles of that time.

He's tapped a spring of hope in the people of this country. He's inspired us to believe that the little guy will not be lost in the business of government, but participate in it and benefit from it.

John Edwards also has sounded that theme, but he seems to have overplayed the populist card.

Hillary Clinton is more than qualified to run the country. She's smart, experienced, eminently able -- and she's promised to roll up her sleeves and begin work on her first day in office. Our government, though is so huge, so entrenched, such a mighty force of inertia, it may be impossible, despite her best efforts, for her to actually push it in a different direction.

That's the advantage of Obama and the ignition of optimism he's brought about. Appealing to our best and brightest instincts, he's made us be lieve a better future is possible.

He's intent on pushing the massive behemoth of government toward change, and he has the ability to inspire Congress and the people to unite and join the effort.

Obama is convinced that our country is capable of bet ter. And he has convinced us.

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WantaDemocratThisTime said...

That's it? Obama inspires, and its going to change something in Washington? Gads. I guess I will go back to my own brand of hope, based on reality. If the press manages to force the last electable Democrat out of the race, they will turn on Barack and Hillary like hyenas on a zebra. Maybe we can have a Democrat in the White House in 2012

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