Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ted Kennedy to endorse Barack Obama?

Time magazine's Mark Halperin suggests another endorsement from "Camelot," this time from Sen. Ted Kennedy may be on the way. Yesterday, Lynn Sweet hinted at the same thing.

ChrisR of sees this is as a big gain for the following reasons:

Five reasons:

1) Symbolism: One can knock the Kennedys as the past. There's some powerful symbolism there among a great deal of Democratic voters -- particular older ones.

2) Credibility: He's still one of the leading D's out there in the Senate. He's what many thought HRC was going to be in the Senate -- a major power broker in the D party,

3) A nudge to superdelegates: This provides momentum and provides a signal to others in Congress: hop on board.

4) Media: This is two days of free media -- and provides an incredibly strong media narrative for one if not two of the nine days remaining,

5) Massachussets: It matters. With Patrick, Kerry and Kennedy, that puts Obama in much stronger shape in MA. The polls that took place before this endorsement and before SC? Utterly meaningless.

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