Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Site Review for Timothy Broas

The Timothy Broas website highlights a man who is not only an attorney, but a gentleman who has made a commitment to community service and philanthropy. He earned his law degree from the college of William and Mary School of Law and served his clerkship in the New Jersey Supreme Court and then served associate positions at several law firms before becoming a partner at Winston & Strawn, LLP, and his current law firm. His practice areas include Washington, DC, New York and New Jersey. His clients include financial institutions, pharmaceutical corporations and major utility companies.

Based in Washington, DC, Mr. Broas represents high profile clients and concentrates his litigation efforts in white collar criminal defense, corporate investigations, securities litigation and congressional litigation. The cases he has taken on include bank fraud, money laundering, bribery and securities fraud. Mr. Broas has been recognized by his peers as one of the top white collar criminal defense lawyers in the country.

In addition to his work in the legal field, Timothy Broas is supportive of several health initiatives and puts his leadership skills to work with several nonprofit organizations and participation in charitable events. His efforts include serving as a Board of Trustee member of Partners In Health (PIH), in his list of charitable causes. In his never ending effort to give back to his community and to others who need help, he is a board of trustee member and works with Partners, which is an international medical organization, and works to improve health care options worldwide. His work with Partners in the United States includes working with Navajo Nation and its members who struggle with cardiovascular disease and hypertension, chronic health conditions.

Partners also work to improve surgical training to medical communities worldwide and help those communities to establish surgical centers. This gives people around the world access to health care, especially surgical needs. PIH also teaches local surgeons improved surgical techniques and training for surgical nurses and technicians.

His work with PIH also includes the disaster relief efforts following Hurricane Sandy and the earthquake in Haiti. The effort of PIH brought much needed medical help to the injured and help to minimize the outbreak of health concerns associated with contaminated water supplies. PIH also contributed much needed follow up care, in addition to the initial care, to make sure medical needs were being met and continued to affect a positive outcome. Cholera, which is contracted from consuming contaminated water, continues to be a devastating problem in Haiti and with the leadership of Tim Broas, PIH is continuing its fundraising efforts to bring the necessities to the people of Haiti in the form of treatment and preventative care.

In 2013, Mr. Broas and his family participated in the PanMass Challenge, a two day, 190 mile bicycle ride in an effort to raise money to support the work at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Broas is a long time contributing fund raiser for Dana Farber. Fund raising efforts allows Dana Farber to continue the critical research necessary to fight cancer.

Timothy Broas is an appointed member of the Board of Trustees of St. Mary’s College and the Mount Vernon Board of Visitors. He was also appointed by President Obama to the Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

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