Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney and the 47%

The release of Mitt Romney's fundraising speech video may turn out to be one of the defining moments of the 2012 campaign along with the highly successful Democratic National Convention.

While it still may be too early to declare that Romney is toast, even many Republican expert commentators are saying that the former Massachusetts governor's campaign is in big trouble.

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Anonymous said...

Part of the 47% Romney doesn't care about are Veterans. Republicans always SAY they support our troops but they don't back it up. More people should see this video:

Shown at the DNC but never aired on TV, it makes a great point: it’s so important that we remember and care for our Veterans, not just on Veterans Day. Among the promises kept by President Obama during his first term was bringing our troops home from Iraq, with honor. We took out Bin Laden, and anyone who minimizes that for political gain insults our troops. To see how this administration has honored and supported our troops, watch this video - Tom Hanks narrates a moving tribute to Veterans, on behalf of the Obama team; the second half is especially moving and a good reminder for us all that our pact with soldiers doesn’t end with their tour of duty.

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