Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama ground attack on the roll

Increasing evidence shows that the Obama campaign is pulling ahead of the Romney camp in the important ground game.

The Obama team has nearly three times more offices in crucial battleground states and they claim to have contacted many more voters than their opponents.  In terms of grassroots contributors, Obama also has a clear lead and we can expect that a good percentage of these donors are volunteering or will volunteer for Obama in the future.

Voter contact, at least as shown by the online phone banking activity, has been picking up since the Democratic convention.  While the data is still coming in, it looks like the growth in calling is continuing unabated.

In the most recent 15 nationwide polls, the president has hit or exceeded the 50 percent mark in seven or nearly half of them. At this late point in the contest, candidates want to be moving in a positive direction and nearly all of that movement is coming from the Obama side.

According to the most recent Gallup poll, Democrats are more enthusiastic than Republicans nationwide and in swing states. Nationally, Democrats lead in enthusiasm by 68% to 62% while in the swing states, they have a 73% vs. 64% lead in the swing states.   The larger gap in battleground states indicates that the Democratic team really is focusing in on the presidential race. 

The DNC would do well to stoke up more passion in non-battleground states as this is important to create a holistic effect.  After all, in the modern election battlefield, it is easy to volunteer to help in any state and volunteers can do this from their own home computer using the campaign's online phone tool.

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Rachel Seguin said...

This is comment is to the President Obama's campaign. My cousin lives in Ohio and she said that lots of student, adult male, paid by the Republican..say that they will vote for President Obama and all the time they are voting for Romney it is just to make the Poll look as if President Obama is that he wont campaign in those swing state..Please be careful..there is a lot of bad people among those Republican..thanks

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