Thursday, August 2, 2012

Romney ready to announce VP choice

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Mitt Romney is set to announce his VP pick any time now.  I tend to think he may go for a more neutral choice that will anger as few people as possible while keeping most of the attention on himself.  In other words, a boring pick like Tim Pawlenty.

However, he faces some pressure from the Tea Party to "balance" the ticket with a person perceived as a true conservative.  Romney has not made much of a turn toward the "middle" since becoming the presumptive GOP nominee.

For example, his rhetoric during his trip to Israel including support for Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, a stance that is highly inflammatory.  Indeed, the Israel trip seems targeted at religious conservatives within his own party more than toward Jewish voters.

Additionally, his trip to Poland looks aimed at focusing on his tough stance toward Russia.  Romney claimed during the primary that Russia was 'public enemy no. 1" and these views sit well with many conservatives.

Therefore, there is a possibility that he may choose a VP that will appeal to the Tea Party.

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