Sunday, July 29, 2012

100 days to go

Today marks 100 days until the Nov. 6 presidential election.  Both the Obama and Romney campaigns are no doubt gearing up for the real battle that starts about now or even more so right after Labor Day.

One thing about being this close is the narrative about the economy becomes less and less relevant with each passing week.  Of course, if there is a major meltdown, this could change.  However, right now it seems despite some bad signs for the economy that it should not decline all that much over the next three months.

The economy did not do that great in the previous three months, but it seems not to have had much impact on the president's job approval ratings, which have remained about the same.  While I'm sure no one is happy about the economy, the probability of it having a much greater impact shrinks the closer we get to Nov. 6 without anything calamitous happening.

Over the weekend, the Obama campaign has been having their "It Takes One" action weekend sponsored by the First Lady Michelle Obama.  The effort is a dry run for the big voter mobilization effort that will kick up especially in the weeks before Nov. 6.

One easy way to help if you can't afford to spend time volunteering yet, is to donate your Facebook and/or Twitter status to Rock the Vote to help register new voters.  Here's the URL to sign up:


Michael said...

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