Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney scrambling after Bain revelation

Mitt Romney's campaign has been playing defense after a report in the Boston Globe calling into question their statements about when the candidate left Bain Capital. 

The new information suggests that either both Romney and the campaign were not telling the truth when they claimed the candidate left Bain in 1999, or their were errors in the company's SEC filings from 1999 through 2002. 

Given that Romney appears to have been at least the sole stockholder and board chair at the time, he could be guilty of a felony since he signed SEC filings stating that he was acting at the time as CEO and president of the company. 

The Bain attacks are potentially devastating not only on their own, but in the sense that they suggest that Romney is every bit as secretive as Democrats have been suggesting.  This will tie in very well with attacks on the GOP candidate for not releasing more of his tax records.

Additionally, there reportedly is information that Romney may have claimed he was active at Bain during his campaign for Massachusetts governor.  Just today, a report from Jed Lewison at Daily Kos reveals that Bain Capital issued a press release dated July 19, 1999 that indicates Romney was still working "part-time" as the company's CEO.

According to Romney he had retired from Bain in February, 1999.

These revelations may have a strong impact on whether voters will be able to trust the candidate or not. Many voters, even among Republicans, already do not like Romney, but their dislike of Pres. Obama is enough for them to grudgingly support the apparent Republican nominee.

The Romney campaign has not been doing a very good job at handling the news suggesting to some that they are in a bit of disarray.  Possibly, member of the campaign team are as surprised as anyone else about this news and they may want their candidate to come clean with them so they know what to expect in the future.


Five-O said...

Mr. Obama,

You continue to endear yourself to half of the country while alienating the other half.

Romney for President. Save this country as we knew it, not as you and your ilk desire it to be.

Joe in Oregon

Anonymous said...

These Bain questions will continue to haunt Romney. Seamus The Dog is still haunting him too... now there's a seamus the dog video game you can play:

Anonymous said...

I jsut saw the Commercial knocking Romney. Bull, Romney was just being a good businessman using the tax breaks given by a corrupt government.

Anonymous said...

I am a democrat and plan to vote for President Obama again this year. I will say, however, that the commercial with Romney singing America is in the worst taste of all of the negative ads I have seen. Anyone singing America, whether he's your candidate or not, does not need this kind of negative commentary. I believe it hurts the President and make him look common. I know he is a smart man and a great leader but the person(s) responsible for this ad should be fired and the President should pull it ASAP.

aaronwemple/tweetme said...

Dear Obama: What would you do about the civil war declared in your home state? (Saw it at the courthouse, and

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