Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Poll numbers

While some folks appear to be in panic over Mitt Romney's fundraising numbers, the polls show that President Barack Obama continues to hold a strong position.

While it looked for awhile that his lead in battleground states might be sagging, the most recent polls suggest a possible comeback.  Just today a PPP survey showed the president leading in the important state of Virginia by eight points.

A Gallup poll of swings states showed Obama with a slight lead, actually a statistical tie -- but it also showed that people are becoming even more disillusioned with Romney.  Apparently, the Obama campaigns TV and other ads are working. The poll also showed the president with a slight edge on who is better to lead the economy.

So far, the Obama campaign has outspent Romney in advertising by a wide margin.  In May, Obama spent about $31 million on TV and online advertising.  A lot of Romney's money is actually going to pay for fundraising expenses.  These costs may arise from the swank events that his campaign must arrange for their many deep pocket investors.

An ABC/Washington Post poll also had encouraging news for the president.  It showed that about three quarters of those who will vote for him, actually support the president.  In contrast, nearly two-thirds of Romney supporters said their main motivation was their opposition to Obama.

What this could mean is that the president's supporters will be more active when it comes time to get out the vote.  Other polls have also shown that Obama support base is more enthusiastic than Romney's.

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