Saturday, July 7, 2012

Keeping the right perspective on fundraising

The news from Mitt Romney's campaign is that the candidate and the RNC were able to raise about $100 million in June.  That's a hefty sum although still well off the all-time mark of $150 million set by the Obama campaign in 2008.

However, the election is not likely to be won by money alone.  The most important factor concerning money is that the campaign have enough money to get its message out.  So long is the Obama folks keep some money in their treasure chest for the last few weeks of the election, they should be fine.

At a certain point, money does not make so much a difference as the issues.  If the candidate has enough money to get the message out, they will compete with their opponent on the issues.  It doesn't matter how much the opponent spends repeating their message.

Money makes much more of a difference in races where the opponent cannot get the message out sufficiently.  Generally, this means hitting each targeted voter at least three of four times with key points that differentiate the candidate from all of the others in the race.

The one thing that the campaign does not want to do is panic, since that will spread through the ranks.  President Obama's strength is in people and many of these people are barely making ends meet during these tough economic times.  So they have to be careful in not scaring people away from getting more involved by overly soliciting for donations.

They need to exude confidence and leverage the advantages that they have and that means getting more people involved.


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