Monday, June 13, 2011

GOP primary candidates to meet in CNN debate

Republican presidential hopefuls will be meeting in a CNN-sponsored debate tonight in New Hampshire.

Two recent polls show that Mitt Romney is leading the pack of present contenders with Sarah Palin close behind.

President Obama has no serious challengers on the Democratic side.

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Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the assignation of Bin Laden. I am reasonably sure that we filmed every detail of this action as it went down. We should have fed it live to all media outlets as it happened for everyone to see a cowered trapped in his hole. The seals could have turned him over to the Pakistan Government with a house arrest posting American guards on the house. We would have placed the responsibility for him onto the hands of the very people that say they are our allies. Killing this person just continued the horrendous barbarism we have become known for. We are poisoning our world with fear and hate for one reason, to keep the top dog nations in luxury at the expense of others.
I will not voluntarily support the war machine in any way. My president must stand above all and lead with a plan that ceases all arms production at all levels with out this America is destined to self-destruct through its greed to maintain it's unmaintainable life style.

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