Sunday, April 10, 2011

Obama campaign mobilizes, GOP still gun shy

The Obama 2012 campaign is now on even though the Republican hopefuls are still mostly not ready to commit to their candidacies.  Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is the only one of those considered as serious contenders to file an exploratory committee.

Against a tough incumbent like President Obama, one would think that prospective candidates would like to get started early especially in the fundraising department.

Earlier polls have shown Obama is leading in the important swing states and the most recent PPP polls in Florida and New Hampshire continue the same trend.  Only Mitt Romney seems to pose a threat although a lot can change by election time in November 2012.

The GOP state polls show Romney leading in New Hampshire with Donald Trump close behind.  Mike Huckabee was ahead in Iowa and South Carolina although those polls did not include Trump in the field of candidates.

A more recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Mick Huckabee and Donald Trump tied at the front of the GOP pack.  Trump though has not performed well in polls matched against Obama.

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