Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Women helping Democratic Senate raceswo

A CNN/TIME/Opinion Research poll of likely voters indicates that women are helping to buoy Democratic senatorial candidates in a number of states including Washington, Delaware, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

In a number of states such as Washington, Obama is doing much better among women voters of all parties in comparison to his support among men voters.  However, the approval ratings for Obama cannot be generalized to the 2012 polls.  For example, you have to consider who will be running against the president. None of the current crop of candidates is anywhere near as popular as Obama.

In other news, two independent GOP groups led by former Bush chief of staff Karl Rove are preparing to unleash a $50 million ad campaign in support of Republicans running for the House of Representatives.

Unions and progressive groups like and Think Progress have also been spending money supporting Democratic candidates, but so far at a slower pace than the Republican-friendly groups.

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