Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The importance of minority and young vot to Democrats

Yes, in big national elections like this the Democrats need minorities to turn out and vote for Democratic candidates.

The NAACP recently held a big rally in DC to help stir up things among African American voters. When minority voters turn out, the Democrats generally can win these national elections.

In addition, the Democrats usually win when the youth vote comes out. Most young people these days are very progressive. But they're still young people, and many still need to be reminded to vote. Some young voters and minority voters don't realize the importance of the mid-term elections.

To find out the deadline for voter registration in your state, visit this site:


Minority and young voters should also consider voting early.  In many states, you can register to become a permanent mail voter, which means you do not have to wait in lines on election day.


A Bloomberg poll suggests that Barack Obama would beat Sarah Palin by 16 points in a 2012 contest. Photo by Steven Senne, AP.

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