Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Real People vs. Corporations

The current election pits real folks against the big corporation world probably more than any other.

While the Obama presidential campaign brought about an unprecedented grassroots movement, big corporations at the time were restricted by the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.

However, the recent fallacious Supreme Court ruling has created a new environement in which big business can freely and anonymously contribute to independent political committees like those run by Karl Rove (ex-Bush chief of staff).

Corporations and super-wealthy individuals are contributing in vast sums to these groups and to the Tea Party. These conservative political committees are not opening up their contributor lists like their progressive counterparts. They don't want the public seeing how a relatively small group of super-rich entities are influencing the elections.

Despite all the talk about "socialism" by Tea Partiers, the official statistics show a far different story.  What the actual evidence shows is that the very wealthy have been moving up while everyone else has moving down creating historic income disparities.

Although the task looks daunting, ordinary folk can definitely defeat the big bucks of corporate America. If they put their minds to it, millions of people can create a wave that will overwhelm all the TV ads that could possible broadcast on the networks.

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