Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DNC raises record cash in Sept.

The latest evidence that the "enthusiasm gap" is waning is found in a report from the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised $16 million in September according to DNC sources -- the biggest monthly haul since 2002.

While a ABC/Washington Post poll released today still showed Republicans are more enthusiastic about voting, the slide in Democratic energy appears to have stopped. The poll was unchanged from the previous month -- the first leveling off since July.

The discrepancy may lie in the fact that Democrats are now engaged in motivating their base, their activists. They are preparing for the big push that will start about next week. No surprise that your average Democratic voter is not that energized since we're not electing the big chief.

What we should see is all these mobilized Democratic volunteers going door-to-door, calling voters, holding rallies, staffing tables, waving signs, and doing other campaign stuff to make progressive voters more aware. They will be trying to instill in supporting voters the importance of preventing gridlock in Washington and in advancing a forward-moving agenda.

With all the new cash, expect to see a mass media campaign fairly soon with the same objectives.


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