Monday, September 27, 2010

Democrats surge in newest polls

New polls just out show the Democrats surging in California, Kentucky and Nevada.  Obviously this is good news as we approach election time.

The poor performance of Democrats in the polls has often been put forward as evidence that the public is dissatisfied with the party.  However, much of that phenomenon may be related instead to the greater noise made by the Tea Party over the last few years.

Now with big elections coming up, Democrats are finally showing signs of energy and they are equaling or exceeding the Republicans in putting out their message.

Sens. Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid along with Kentucky Democratic senatorial candidate Jack Conway have moved up significantly in poll numbers.  Also, gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown in California is leading Republican nominee Meg Whitman in a just-released poll.

Democrats need to keep turning up the volume and getting their message out to more people.

The graph above shows that major Democratic sites like (Organizing for America) and (DNC site) have been easily outperforming the Tea Party and RNC sites over the last month.

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