Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Democratic Party preparing for big vote push

David Plouffe, the campaign manager for Barack Obama's presidential campaign, talks about the Democratic Party's mobilization efforts.

We're now at the point that lots of Democratic operatives are back to work as campaign offices open up all over the place.

A new series of election polls indicate that the things are not nearly as bad for Democrats as some pundits are suggesting.  The party will need to get their voters out to vote along with registering new young progressive voters.  It will take a lot of organization, technology and effort, but you can see the infrastructure starting to build up.  Lots of well-trained people out there who gained valuable experience during the Obama campaign but have been barely keeping things together after the race ended and the economy crashed.

Fortunately, political operatives will not have to wait to long this time around before they have to get to work again for Obama's 2012 reelection campaign.

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myTrustBucket said...

I am very happy they are going to start pushing back. I was getting worried.

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