Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Building up a nationwide effort

A successful effort in getting out the vote and persuading last second voters is likely to require a centralized national effort.  In this day age, that means a location on the web where supporters can come to link to the network, get news, and find out what they need to do.

The internet is the only suitable place for such a network center as people from anywhere in the nation can easily log into this central website.  Now it is obvious that this center will be the Organizing for America site, i.e., the old

Network dynamics dictate that a national effort will complement more focused efforts in targeted areas where Democrats think they can win.  If I want to get word out throughout the United States, for example,  where do I send 100 press releases.  Definitely you do not want to send them all to news sources in Los Angeles.

Instead you want to spread the press releases out so the nodes are as far apart as possible. 

A national effort works on the big wave principle rather than the highly focused person-to-person method. While local campaigns will concentrate more on the latter, the national campaign should be designed to create a buzz, wave, etc. in the same way that memes are generated over the internet.

The idea is to make election day a large inclusive social event.  Sometimes campaigns in an effort to control message and to conserve resources become exclusive, excessively focused and serious efforts that end up turning off lots of people. OFA's job is to scoop these people up and get them involved in something that is massive, fun and inspiring similar to that of a presidential campaign.

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