Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama and Democrats heat up fundraising

Signs are springing up that the Obama and Democratic machine is revving up to full steam in raising donations for November's elections.

The DNC raised $11.5 million in July, and so far this month the president alone has raised about $8 million.

Maybe even more impressive are the signs that the grassroots fundraising that characterized Obama's presidential campaign is getting back on track. Organizing for Obama (OFA) made a call a few days ago for 25,000 donations this week, and they quickly exceeded that goal and are now gunning for a total of at least 40,000 donations.

Here is the message from OFA Director Mitch Stewart:

Amazing: We've already surpassed our goal of reaching 25,000 donations this week for the By the People Fund.

But we need to raise the bar. Fox News' parent company, News Corp., just handed over a seven-figure check to Republicans to help beat Democrats across the country this fall.

When a supposed news organization jumps into the 2010 elections with a huge donation like this, I take it as a direct challenge to this movement. These conservative special interests seem to think they can buy their way into power.

We've bumped up our goal to 40,000 donations by midnight tomorrow.

Can you donate $5 or more today?


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