Sunday, August 22, 2010

CQ Politics shows Democrats still leading in House race

CQ Politics is the website of the Congressional Quarterly-Roll Call Group that has conducted professional ratings for House races for the last 50 years.

Presently, despite all the gloom and doom in the media, they still project the Democrats holding on to a House majority but by the slimmest of margins. Here is there forecast as of today:

Democrats:  219
Republicans: 180
Tossups: 36

A total of 218 seats are required for a majority, so as you can see the Democrats cannot afford to let up before the November polls.

You can see the CQ Politics interactive map at this URL:

The projection sees 169 safe, 21 likely, and 29 leaning seats for the Democrats.

For the Republicans there are 168 safe, 7 likely, and 5 leaning seats.

CQ leans toward Dr. Ami Bera, the Democratic nominee in my district (CA 3).

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