Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Polls show Democrats need lots of work

According to the various election 2010 polls that are summarized on realclearpolitics (, the Democrats look in trouble come this November.

For example, according to their analysis of polls for the Senate races, right now it looks like the Democrats could lose four seats or more.

Senate 2010 Polls

Colorado: Bennet (D)
Missouri: Open (R)
Ohio: Open (R)
Pennsylvania: Specter (D)

Arkansas: Lincoln (D)
Indiana: Open (D)
Kentucky: Open (R)
Nevada: Reid (D)
New Hampshire: Open (R)
North Carolina: Burr (R)

California: Boxer (D)
Illinois: Open (D)

Delaware: Open (D)
Florida: Open (R)
Louisiana: Vitter (R)

New York: Gillibrand (D)
Washington: Murray (D)
Wisconsin: Feingold (D)

North Dakota: Open (D)

Connecticut: Open (D)

The situation looks similar for the House although I doubt that the Democrats are in danger yet of losing control of the House.

Now, these polls may be a function of a couple of problems for the Dems.

For one, progressives and conservatives in the party have been locked in battles over several issues but particularly over healthcare reform. What this has caused is a peculiar situation when people from both the left and the right (Republicans) are hammering the Democratic Party.

Now should the health bill pass soon (knock on wood), then maybe this tension between Dems could simmer down. The recent compromise by Rep. Dennis Kucinich is a good sign in this direction.

I doubt if climate change legislation will be as controversial within the party itself, and I hope that not too much friction arises in the efforts to reform the education system.

Anyway, if things calm down before November the Democrats can reunite to battle for seats in Congress.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest to Obama to approach Dr. Hayhoe to be apart of his climate action team.

listening to her talk here…

Dr. Hayhoe really does have a way with words. I bet she can gently convert most skeptics over.

Here is another article on her...
Conservative Evangelicals embrace God and green

Best, Paulm

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