Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obama to meet with Congress on Afghan war

One of President Barack Obama's most difficult problems is the war in Afghanistan. During the campaign, Obama pledged to wind down efforts in Iraq and focus more on combating terrorism in Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan though is not popular with the people or many in his own party, and many believe the war has no clear objectives or end game strategy.

America has been fighting in Afghanistan for eight years with no one able to say when troops will be able to leave the country. As in Iraq, the situation in Afghanistan seems to be one in which whatever "stability" exists in the country appears dependent on a large scale presence of U.S. troops.

There are many who believe that regardless of whether the U.S. pulls out now or decades from now, there will still be a violent struggle for power in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


Torgny said...

Although I am a great supporter of Barack Obama, I think he is wrong on this one. The important war is to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. But air-raids where many civilians have been killed, and the many years of torture earlier have put many people of Afghanistan agains USA.

Wealthy Perspective said...

Congrats President Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize.

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