Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama bags Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in a decision that surprised many including the president himself.

Obama accepted the award despite the calls of many that he should turn down the prize. "I will accept this award as a call to action," he said.

Some have called the prize an award for "good intentions," but I think that it also has a lot to do with his moves on a nuclear-free world.


Papa Ross said...

Surprised indeed.

Mira Sound Germany said...

a musical response to this: Michel Montecrossa dedicates his song and video 'True Politics #2' to President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Award.


Michel Montecrossa ( is the German-American artist who accompanied the election campaign of the president and dedicated a song to Barack Obama ('New President') when he was "only" a candidate.

Torgny said...

If we read what the Nobel Committee says it is obvious that it is not only about good intentions. It is about the extraordinary changes that Obama has already accomplished this year, creating a new atmosphere in the world by the spirit of cooperation, negotiations, the disarmament of nuclear weapons. They want to support what is already accomplished, so that this new politic can continue and transform the world.

Joe Markowitz said...

It appears that the people who are criticizing this award are mostly people who just don't really believe in peace, other than perhaps the kind of peace that comes from defeating one's adversaries.

I know future said...

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