Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama heading for Turkey

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced today that President Barack Obama will visit Turkey next month.

Clinton made the announcement at an Ankara press conference in Ankara, where she is on an official visit.

The White House said that Obama has not decided on whether to give the speech from a Muslim capital that he promised in his first 100 days.

In addition to Turkey, other possible sites for the speech include Morrocco, Egypt and Indonesia.

"Planning for the Turkey visit is just beginning. It will be an important opportunity to visit a NATO ally and discuss shared challenges," a senior administration official said. "It will also provide an opportunity to continue the president's dialogue with the Muslim world, a dialogue he started immediately and intends to maintain throughout his presidency."

During his campaign, Obama pledged to mend relations with the Muslim world that he said were damaged during the Bush administration. The president's first television interview after taking office was with the Arab television network Al-Arabiya.

Obama to Visit Turkey Next Month

Washington Post - ‎3 hours ago‎
By Anne E. Kornblut Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced today that President Obama will visit Turkey next month -- but administration ...

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