Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama hitting the road for stimulus bill

President Barack Obama is on the road pitching his economic stimulus package trying push a compromise with senate Republicans.

While the bill is likely to pass anyway tomorrow, Obama wants as many Republican votes as possible to present a semblance of bipartisan agreement. The House version of the bill passed with no Republican votes.

Obama and his media staff is trying to drum up public support for his plan putting pressure on the GOP to work with the administration.

In another sign of hard economic times, Nissan, Japan's third largest auto maker, said it was cutting 20,000 jobs worldwide.

Obama Team Counts on Public Polling to Push Economic Plan Through ...
FOXNews - 44 minutes ago
White House senior adviser David Axelrod tells FOX News the public is with the president as he tries to convince Congress to pass an economic package that is the largest single spending program since the New Deal.
Video: Obama Hits The Road CBS

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