Sunday, January 25, 2009

Will Republicans back Obama stimulus plan?

House Republican leader John Boehner said today that there is little GOP support for President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan.

Boehner said the current package has too much wasteful and "slow-moving" spending that will not be effective in creating jobs.

"I think a lot of Republicans will vote no, because they see this as a lot of wasteful Washington spending, padding the bureaucracy and doing nothing to help create jobs and preserve jobs," Boehner said on NBC Sunday.

Obama's economic team though continued to warn that delayed action could have serious consequences including double digit unemployment.

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York was optimistic that Republicans would eventually support the Obama package. "I think you're going to find a large number of Republicans voting for this package. There has been a lot of input," Schumer said on "Fox News Sunday."

Washington Post
Will Obama's economic plan stimulate bipartisan support?
CNN - 2 hours ago
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Barack Obama, who arguably won a large chunk of political capital in the 2008 election, is now looking to cash in as he urges Congress to pass a massive economic stimulus package.
Video: Boehner: Little GOP Support for Stimulus Package AssociatedPress

Biden, Summers Sound Economic Warnings, Push Stimulus Bloomberg


Bobby said...

If Boehner nixes the stimulus package, he'll go down like Gingrich and get booted out of office. He represents a low to middle income district in rust-belt Ohio cities and depressed rural areas. With widespread unemployment in his district, he won't be back in Congress if he deepens the recession to satisfy wealthy supporters. He can't recognize the new political reality of this recession and is out of touch with his constituency. You can take that to the bank, provided you can find one that’s solvent.

J said...

They should, President Obama knows what hes talking about. He has surrounded himself with the best, and even some of his feircest critics, he's getting all the information from the right people. So we at only hope they do the right thing and let President Obama refresh America.

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