Monday, January 26, 2009

Barack Obama acts on environmental policy

President Barack Obama is taking steps to implement the new environmental policy he promised during this campaign.

He started by ordering the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow states to set their own automobile emission standards -- a move blocked by former president George W. Bush. California is among the states that has been looking to set its own fuel-efficiency rules. At least 12 other states are also interested in making the same move.

Obama also directed the Department of Transportation to set new federal fuel-efficiency standards by March, and is ordering all federal agencies to conserve more energy.

BBC News
Obama takes steps to reverse Bush climate policies
Reuters - 26 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Barack Obama told the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday to reconsider California's request to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from cars, reversing the climate policies of former President George W. Bush.
Obama to allow states to set auto emissions rules USA Today
Obama pushing stronger fuel-efficiency standard The Associated Press

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